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Will Farrell’s Weird College Homo Erotic Pic of the Day

This was sent to me today…and exclusive some of you fags can jerk off to…it is of Will Farrell back in college, before he was famous, or in Old School, or the seasoned veteran on SNL, unable to make it in the real world, before really fucking making it in the real world, and he’s wearing his fucking panties with another dude, something you fan boys can get off to and tell yourself it’s not gay, cuz it’s just a picture and you’re just a huge fan, and this just happens to be open on your screen, and that you’re actually jerking off to something you saw yesterday that you’re thinking about….and this younger, slimmer, fitter Will Farrell half naked has absolutely nothing to do with your erection, you just think his comedy is genius…and if that’s considered gay….so be it….kind of thing…..

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