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Mandy Moore’s Hard Nipples of the Day

The other day was the 3 year anniversary of DJ AM’s death….and Mandy Moore was one of his girlfriends who was his friend til the end…who you probably know as some bitch who has has a bunch of songs, was a teen dream poptart or at least jailbait that you have probably jerked off to her at least once…rocking her hard nipples….is a pretty decent tribute of a fallen soldier…in what people may consider tasteless but to me just makes sense…cuz braless titties with hard nipples are awesome…

RIP homie who kinda hated me but was still nice to me 98 percent of the time.

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  • Frank

    I’ve been noticing what sexy nipples Mandy has since she was 16. The areolas were puffy, and the nipples, which were frequently erect, were just made for poking out at getting oogled. I came to her a lot before she even turned 18, and those nipples were a big part it for me.