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Emma Watson for Glamour Magazine of the Day

Emma Watson always entertains me because she’s not all that hot, but she’s got this loyal pervert fan base who think she is….

They have been waiting for her to turn 18 since the first Harry Potter movie, you know back before she was pubic hairy, but that they waited out before jerking off to her, cuz in their wizard dens in their basements where they make potions dressed like Harry Potter, she is queen, and you must respect your Wizard queen…and not pollute her or dishonor her….people are fucking weird….

Here are some pics of her in Glamour

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  • |O|! uuumm, you beautiful little pussy.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    I was already fapping to her when the second movie came out, but I was 15 then so it’s OK

  • Rosarch

    Poor deluded chick. She is cute and is a decent actress, but she desperately wants to and really believes she is a supermodel and she is far from it. Poor thing.