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Maria Menounos Ripped Stomach in a Bikini for Twitter of the Day

Maria Menounos is fit…..and unfortunately with her lower body fat, and her increased muscle mass, and the fact that she probably works out hard and probably eats very little, coupled with her aging….she’s kinda got a hard, manly, tranny face thing going on…something that her Greek intrinsic love for anal doesn’t really help convince me there are not balls attached to her and hidden in those bikini bottoms, balls I am sure we’d all suck…cuz it isn’t gay if you don’t look her in the eyes…or tell her that you love her….and really I’d take fit over fat…always.

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  • ExpletiveBMP

    another Poe woman hayzeus with her gaunt stance peasant form.

  • cowbulls

    I guess anal sex is good for her abs.

  • ExpletiveBMP

    cowbulls, It just might be what she needs, or a high protein splurt directly down the gullet, either or I guess.