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Miranda Kerr for Marie Claire October 2012 of the Day

Miranda Kerr is so lovely, what a great way to start a miserable work day after a long weekend, you know her smile just lights up that cold dead miserable place in your heart, reminding you that life isn’t so bad, there is elegance, beauty and class out there….until realizing that you don’t have a Miranda Kerr of your own in your life, and that you are forced to use the internet to find glimpses of things you will never have, making you remember why you are angry in the first place…because life sucks and isn’t how they make it out to be on TV….they just shove all these things we want and can’t have down our throats…laying the groundwork for a miserable nation addicted to pills…and Miranda Kerr…is a beacon of that….but I don’t hold it against her…cuz for a split second after looking at her…I feel what I assume is love….cuz all I want to do is sing her love songs….

She was in October’s Marie Claire….Here’s the video…

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