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Adrianne Curry Lingerie for Twitter of the Day

Adrianne Curry is not a friend of DrunkenStepfather.com or me, Jesus Martinez, and I am not just saying that cuz the erotica she produces is on some low grade, mall photographer, the kind who takes nudes of wives for husbands as 20th Anniversary gifts….this lingerie shit she’s posting to twitter, cuz the half naked shit gets her follows, even if no one prior to her getting half naked remembered her from such low level reality shows as the first Season of Next Top Model…something she’s parlayed into such legendary things as marrying and divorcing a 60 year old from the Brady Bunch and ending up dressed up as Star Wars characters at conventions cuz it is all the work she can get….

I am saying it cuz she tried to tell me off on twitter once a long time ago, before blocking me and propelling to this rock bottom self produced lingerie pics….

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  • Travis

    What a fucking joke…

  • BoobyManz

    You’re so butthurt it’s not even funny. You call her a sleazebag cunt that’s been reduced to doing cockteasing softcore porn, yet you’re always posting her pictures. The real reason you shit talk her all the time is that you must’ve hit on her in real life and on her twitter/facebook account and she told you to get lost. Is that it? I’ve read a few of your posts and you come off as a total douche that runs to the Internet every time someone rightfully puts you in your place. You make the asshole over at wwtdd look like a saint. The only sleazebag loser here is you. Be a man, take it on the chin and move the fuck on.

  • Of course he still posts her pics, because that’s what the FAN wants, half-naked bitches. He posts pictures of dumpy ass Kim Kardashian all the time when it’s quite apparent, he dislikes her and her large body frame. It’s business honey, and if it’s involving money, a couple of pictures of some overrated, fat-ass porn star and some washed-up, desperate want-to-be-used-to-be-never-will-be reality celeb-tard gets the hits, then so be it. I’d do it to, while putting own these annoying cunts just like he does.