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Adrianne Curry Screaming For Attention in a Sports Bra of the Day

Adrianne Curry is posting pics of herself to twitter for attention because I guess that’s all trash like this really has to fill her empty days….her twitter fans….

Life of a failed reality star…. which is a funny concept in and of itself is pretty funny…since you normally have to be a failure to be a reality star…since people who don’t want to be famous generally aren’t applying or auditioning to be on Reality TV Fame…they are instead working.

All I know is that she’s a cunt, and I am not a vile man, I don’t hate women or use the C-Word loosely, I save it for special occassions, like when a cunt tells me off on twitter after I’ve been nothing but nice to her…you know promoting her bottom feeding stunts for her for free…when she should really be sending me gift baskets…

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  • BoobyManz

    You’re so butthurt it’s not even funny. You call her a sleazebag cunt that’s been reduced to doing cockteasing softcore porn, yet you’re always posting her pictures. The real reason you shit talk her all the time is that you must’ve hit on her in real life and on her twitter/facebook account and she told you to get lost. Is that it? I’ve read a few of your posts and you come off as a total douche that runs to the Internet every time someone rightfully puts you in your place. You make the asshole over at wwtdd look like a saint. The only sleazebag loser here is you. Be a man, take it on the chin and move the fuck on.