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Jennifer Lawrence is Funny for W of the Day

Fashion is some clowning shit, especially when fashion does some “high concept” bullshit, that isn’t high concept at all, but that all the idiots with no vision think is high concept, and beautiful imagery, because they are try hard retards who will consume any crap someone shits out and calls art or fashion…since it adds some flavor to their miserable existance..but I think it is funny, even if I prefer my art to be way more high concept like spread vagina, with midgets, homeless men and snowmans being built….you know if we are gonna be clowns about shit, let’s a least go big and be fun about it….not that Jennifer Lawrence hiding her tits to pose with birds isn’t fun…it just doesn’t make sense in its weirdness kinda like how it didn’t make sense that she was Academy Award nominated at 12 and instead of being the next great American Actress, she became the next franchise queen Kristen Stewart….kids these days have their morals all fucked up

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  • Turd Ferguson

    High fashion sucks.