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Kate Middleton Alleged Topless Tanning Pics that Look Pretty Topless of the Day

Kate Middleton is some middle class whore who was hired by the Royal Family to be the future Queen as a marketing stunt for the Royal Family, because lets face it they were losing their brand image….and having her spoke to the public in a way that got them hits…views and a televised wedding….

Even she didn’t really love the Prince, he’s a fucking prince, pretty top dog in her social scene or possiblities of people to get knocked up by, it is really just logic….and I wouldn’t call her a whore for it….all girls make themseleves love men who come with opportunity…

And like a whore, here she is in some topless pics, tanning like every girl should, a leader to us all, because after selling your soul to the devil isn’t all that bad, but you still don’t want to have fucking tan lines, especially not when in France where topless is allowed and the paparazzi watch….the same paparazzi that can leave you dead in a Tunnel….RIP Princess Diana…..

All this to say, these pics were in Closer magazine and they shoulda been closer…I like my tanning pics with more spread labia…and she’s unevnentful…sure she may be skinny, her ass may be ok, but here tits aren’t that rockin’….and here are the pics…we need more Pippa….she’s the real bottom feeder in the family trying to get noticed and stand out from her sister’s shadow…and that makes her more fun.

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  • xv

    Just a couple of raisins … Her tits are

  • xv

    Big Willy creaming Kate middleton’s butt for anal ? I like me some kinky royals

  • cowbulls

    If she were unknown and came to a casting call, she would never get hired.

  • y

    Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s vagina is gonna be like a hallway size after pushing out the royal baby! Hope her gynos stitch her up tight after