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Christina Milian Does Twitter of the Day

I think all mom’s should dress like this….except maybe her co-worker and tank of a human who was once hot CHRISTINA AGUILERA who was at some event showing off all that is wrong with letting herself go…and probably any mom over 25…because it can be disgusting….as they don’t bounce back as fast as teen moms…like the one I smiled at today who was pushing twins…she must have been 20 and was smoking hot and all I was thinking was “I hope she’s a fucking nanny cuz I hate wanting to fuck girls with ravaged vaginas and major baggage”…but then I realize that her shitting out a couple kids with her first boyfriend probably makes her less damaged and baggage ridden as all the crackwhores with HSV, HPV, HIV and Bi-Polar Disorder, addiction and a hatred of showering leading to scabies and other rashes…..I have been known to stick my dick inside….confusing the fuck out of me….but one thing I know for sure is that I like Christina Milian’s white trash look.

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