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Coco’s Ass Picture of the Day

I’d like to say that whenever I am feeling down and out with no where to go and nothing to do…with no sites to look up….and no videos to masturbate to….you know when all my facebook friends, twitter friends, instagram friends, AIM friends who I have never met in real life and who are not my actual friends but who I share my deep dark secrets with…are uninteresting, uninspiring, boring….I turn to Coco becuase I know she’ll consistently whore herself, post pics of herseelf whoring herself, and that it will entertain and make me laugh and feel warm and wholesome…grounded and appreciative of what I have….but I’d be lying…cuz Coco only comes to my mind when her bottom feeding, starved for attention, stripper trash is emailed to me….no matter how trashy, tacky or pathetic her pic may be…

Here is something she posted to day…to impact your life in no way whatsoever…

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  • He’s going to stick his finger in it.


    That could result in a broken finger.