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Hayden Panettiere Photoshoot of the Day

Hayden Panettiere has survived a sex scandal that she’s totally neglected to address, that no one bothered reporting, because it was probably bullshit…even though it was the most interesting thing she’s pulled off to date….No, I am not talking about the fact that she is a circus freak who is barely 5 foot, who bangs 7 foot tall athletes who probably ravage her not so neat, compact vagina….I am talking about reports her mother and father made her into a child hooker for Hollywood to have their way with….a possiible lie…disgusting…but if true fucked up enough to make her a baggage carrying and experienced good time….

Here she is showing off her recent implants, at least that’s what I assume these are, probably to balance out her broad shoulders….that less obvious and exposed than I’d like….but she’s showing them off never the less….and looks lovely.

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