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Adrianne Curry’s Ass in a Thong for Twitter of the Day

I fucking love Curry…I love it with meat whether chicken or goat or beef or lamb…I love it with vegetables and potatoes…I like it in my thai stir fry….with coconut milk and I like it in my ROTI…..I just don’t like it when it is a low level attention seeking slut…even though I love low level attention seeking sluts….I just hate when they have egos and don’t realize they are low level crap…but then again when she’s posting pics of her ass to twitter…you gotta think she knows she’s hurting for hits…..and it’s not even a great ass, but it’s ok, it does make me kind of hungry, but as an emotional eater who is always hungry, that’s not saying much, maybe it is cuz of her last name and

MY STEPFAMILY POSTED SOME PICS OF HER TOPLESS IN THE FORUM her naked…is beter than her in a dirty shit stained thong…but still fucking garbage

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