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Christina Aguilera is Staying a Fat Girl of the Day

And here I was thinking that the last 3 years of Chrisina Aguilera being a fat as fuck pig of a woman who clearly fell the fuck off….she was working out everyday and watching her diet….I did not think the only eating disorder this monster had was eating an entire cake every night while lyig in bed….but that she as anorexia….starving herself to fit a fucking mold society expect of her…

I’m so glad she’s cleared up this confusion…by saying that her bodies is hers and she doesn’t care to be fit, healthy or live a long life…she instead wants to pig the fuck out eating all she can buy to be a real soul singer like the fat black women she idolizes….

I like the unrealistic expectations we have for all people…because we are all fucking lazy and should all do something about it…people who embrace their obesity are bad for society.

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  • WorldBreaker

    True, she is kind of fat now, but I would still hit that all day and night long. Just to get to those titties would be worth the price of admission!

  • Absolom Mercator

    Over and over and over again. She may not be as pretty, but she will always be beyond sexy.