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Kreayshawn for Max Italy Oct of the Day

The most fascinating thing about Kreayshawn is not her TOPLESS PICS SHE LEAKED ….or even the fact that she’s ugly but still doing photoshoots…the fascinating thing is that her mom was some innovative anti establishment all girl punk rocker in an all girl punk rock band….who managed to breed this total candy coated vanilla…commercial success of a daughter…who probably represents all she pretended to be against back when she was doing the punk rock thing…that or this is how a kid rebels when her mom is some cool chick…they turn fucking pop….It’s like when the athlete’s son becomes a fashion designer, or the musician’s son becomes a pro tennis player….or when the banker’s son becomes a fucking hipster in a luxury loft in Brooklyn….only despite popular belief….Kreayshawn isn’t a dude…but she’s is pantsless in a shitty photoshoot and here are the pics…..I normally like my fashion shoots to have more nudity but in this case I like them to have more snow suits.

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  • Travis

    Never heard of this cunt…