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Hulk Hogan Sex Tape of the Day

Someone posted this on my FACEBOOK …..and had to post it because staged or not…. it is amazing….

It is the Hulk Hogan staged sex tape he is pretending isn’t staged….but that he was set up for….or at least clips of it with amazing captions of the conversation…..

He says shit like “I feel like a pig”….after fucking he says “you’re awesome”….talks about how his son’s girlfriend’s twin sister wants his dick….and shit is legendary.

It would also explain why Hulk was hanging with Kim Kardashian the other day, you know to celebrate each other’s porn work…maybe discuss strategy on how to make it work for them from one sex tape producer to the next, kinda thing….

And all this to say…I fucking love sex tapes.

I need to see more of this.

Apparently he girl in the sex tape is Heather Clem…I have no idea who that is…..but I can tell you she’s trying to get famous even with her shitty face….but more importantly I have no idea who the guy who says “you guys do your thing” is….but I know they are all master minding…cuz this bitch wants fame more than she wants bigger implants…

Oh…she’s married to Bubba from the Stern show….really gold digging and climbing from the bottom up….

Either way, this is way better than his 80s Hulkamania work out set….and the life lesson this teaches us is that we are all fucking whores….

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