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Kim Kardashian in a Fat Girl Dress of the Day

Kim Kardashian is showing off her tits in a dress that has a built in frilly skirt around the waist like it was a bikini fat girls wear to the waterpark to stylishly cover up their disgusting…in what I assume is the same reason Kim Kardashian is wearing it…because she’s got a lot of disgusting to cover up and I’m not even talking about her personality flaws, I’m talking straight up fat girl body, twisted into something less offensive thanks to straps and harnesses….somethig I have to appreciate cuz her gut hanging over her pants would make her so much worst to look at….and you know she’d make us fucking look at her…that’s kinda what she’s all about…

And here she is with Hulk Hogan…a picture that makes perfect sense…

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  • Travis

    Why does this tank wear white???
    It’s inappropriate for several reasons like the fact that white accentuates problem areas which this lard-ass had plenty of & also white is a virginal color. It stands for purity, something this disease-ridden cunt knows nothing of.

    She’s a fat porn star with a gaping rectum & she wears white.
    What a world…

  • Kaitlin


  • tony

    she is a pig. but not fat u r gay or not man enuff

  • Studly McStudlerton

    Not only is she FAT but she wasn’t even good enough for the Hulkster to hit and and he fucks anything including fat dude looking bitches and his daughter.

  • cowbulls

    I’d rather do Kim that a lot of the trash Hogan has tapped.