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Hayden Panettere’s Nashville Promos With Implants of the Day

Hayden Panettiere is cast in a new show called Nashville and these are the promo pics for the big event that premieres on October 10…..but her implants are premiering today…in her tight white dress.

The show is about a falling country star and a rising country star we will call Taylor Swift who is played by Hayden Panettiere….but more interesting are her implants in her tight white dress….implants that I think were a smart choice cuz they balance out her otherwise boxy body and broad shoulders…implants that I am sure her circus sex partners enjoy because they have something more than shitty pecs to grab on….implants that she probably got from her momma…cuz if you’ve seen her mom…. PLASTIC SURGERY ….is kinda common practice…hell maybe these implants are her mom’s hand me downs…but just cuz she looks like a gutter hooker doesn’t mean she’s a gutter hooker, this is hollywood people….they can afford their own damn implants…

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  • cowbulls

    Who the hell convinced this squatty bitch that she was anything special? She is listed as 5’1” but probably is only 5’ tall. Her legs are useless sexually so a lot of positions are not an option. I guess she can make up for that with that big mouth of hers. Make she’s an anal queen, otherwise she is sexually worthless.