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Mila Kunis is Pretty Amazing for Esquire November of the Day

I am going to call bullshit on Mila Kunis being the sexiest woman alive….because she is not the sexiest woman alive…that’s a bold fucking statement….making me wonder what the motives are here….

Is it an ad deal for one of her upcoming movies?

Is Ashton Kutcher an investor in Esquire, or a friend to Esquire and would he trick the editors into making his girl the sexiest woman alive, since it makes him feel good about himself…and his possible small penis….that I would assume he has based on the amount of constant attention he draws on himself…..

Maybe Esquire is run by her publicist who told them choose Mila or we’ll cut off the information supply…cuz before this photoshoot…Mila Kunis was never sexy….she was cute and nerds loved her…but even in bikini in movies she was like the girl next door with a nice face that Ashton Kutcher violates when not masturbating to granny porn…

Sure she’s hot, she takes a good photo and she looks fucking sexy with her shirt off and her ass all round and lovely in a bikini for Esquire…but I think this is the first time this sexy thing has happened for her…confusing me…but not making me complain too hard cuz she looks pretty amazing and I am a fan of amazing.

Here’s the video….

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  • lisa

    How is this little gremlin the sexiest woman alive??? She’s stank !!!

  • evil420dick

    I would like to stick a finger in her stank and make her lick it off.

  • Doc

    She’s hot-nasty face wise but her body is not greata t all…that is Photoshop at it’s best. Ever notice how soso bodied women never really show that body off? Cause they can only Photoshop so far….love the face though..

  • MotherFucker

    What’s up Doc? You need to come to this site more. There are PLENTY of soso bodied and worse than soso bodied women like Madonna and Lady Gaga that do show off everything.

    Not that what I just said is a good thing.

  • She may not be the sexiest woman alive, but she is definitely hot enough not to warrant a Hillary Swank inspired hot or not debate.

    You all would do her…Especially Lisa!

  • MotherFucker

    I would even do her twice.

  • Studly McStudlerton

    She dated Macaulay Culkin and now Kutcher. I think it’s safe to say that she doesn’t go for cock.

  • FunKiller

    I’d still desecrate her….willing or not.

  • Rosarch

    She became dead to me after she started dating Ashton Kutcher.

  • Studly McStudlerton

    I would like to get raped by her zombie dead body.

  • FunKiller

    It’s really not as much fun as you’d think…..but hey, everyone has to experience that shit for themselves, at least once in their life.

  • dickfarts

    small tits, flat ass, and she lets absolute loosers and douches plow her. Pretty face, and seems to be a decent girl, but a bit over rated for sure. I bet she has ugly fried eggs hanging on a nail type tits. It’s always the famous stars who have ugly tits that never seem to show them off.

  • She’s not a gremlin….that’s racist Nazi propoganda.

    I think she’s hot.

    I don’t care who she fucks cuz I am not fucking her….See Ashton Kutcher and her “Get” each other cuz they were on TV together and likely fucked each other back then…and Culkin is likely HIV positive….

    But she’s not the sexiest woman alive ….there is no way….and that ass is totally photoshopped….

    Doesn’t mean I don’t think she’s lovely….just means Esquire are a bunch of lying faggots.

  • roscoe

    sorry, ruined by Asshat Kuntner.

  • Rap said it

    Whoop dat trick

  • cowbulls

    Mila Kunis is certainly fuckable but there have to be 50 hotter women out there. Heck, I’d rather have over 40 Cindy Crawford or Denise Richards than her.