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Bar Refeali Bikini Pic for Twitter of the Day

Bar Refaeli always ignores me when I whisper sweet nothings to her on Instagram and Twitter…you know asking her if she’d let me sing her love songs if I was a famous guy she could leverage for her own personal gain….I thought to an opportunist with a bad attitude…calling her out on those things would be considered romantic…but I guess I should have gone with a more practical approach…like discussing money making schemes that will take her to the next level of rich and famous…because that’s all she cares about…

I know that these bikini pics come from a dark, greedy place to help sell her underwear line, in shameless self promotion instead of an honest place of “hey I got great tits, look at them”….

I really think she’s overrated…but hey…a bikini model in a bikini is still worth looking at.

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  • cowbulls

    Bar is one of the new wave of really hot women with real woman bodies. She actually has an ass and a fine one at that. She has real curves and isn’t just a skinny girl with a boob job. I’m so glad that the gay designers are losing favor with their teenage boy looking models.

  • loki