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Taylor Momsen Naked in her New Video of the Day

Taylor Momsen does whatever she can to get noticed…but she just doesn’t try hard enough….she was better at this shocking with slutty behavior in trying to be a fake rocker…to separate herself from her spoiled and candy coated hollywood image….in efforts to make it as a contrived musician…cuz she’s been up in hollywood since she was 1 and bullshit is all she knows….

You see at 16, in lingerie, on stage, making blowjob faces is a big deal, but at 20, it’s kinda what you expect to find at ever college party….leading to her bringing her lean, porn star friendly naked body, censored in video….when really it should be spread eagled and getting eaten out in porn….something that I can only hope happens….not cuz I want Taylor Momsen to fall off, but because I want all girls to fuck on camera…

Here’s her video I watched on mute….

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  • Joe

    Dirty Dutch lib parents belong in jail for bringing up their kids like Amsterdam window whores.
    You people should see what her mother looks hailing cabs on the streets of New York .

    United States Immigration needs to do away with the lottery…to much garbage !!
    Send them all back to the canals of Crotchengordel and Paris !!

  • Why is she ripping off of Marilyn Manson?

    Her boobs look alright I guess, for blurred boobs, but the rest of her looks like those Ethiopian kids on the “Save The Children By Giving Me Your Money” commercials.


  • ExpletiveBMP


    I keep telling them girls don’t have to be obese but they don’t have to be this small either. When I look at Taylor Momsen my penis shrivels even more than it has from my prolific masturbation. She’s disgusting looking and she looks unhealthy. Imagine what this poor kid does to her body just to fit in. What a fucked up world this is.

  • Mayday

    Her parents are pieces of shit and so are the people that are marketing her and her shit band.

    I wanna hate her but she’s a fucking kid and doesn’t really know any better.

    She will either regret all this when she is older or continue down this road until she won’t be young anymore and her age won’t be an excuse for being a trashy attention whoe.

    And for god sakes girl EAT SOME FUCKING FOOD.

  • FunKiller

    I like em skinny like that….they don’t put up as much of a fight…..easier to wear down.

  • Joe

    Bad parents bitch its hard raising kids and demand strong emotional support.
    Oh yeah ?
    —Perhaps the Momsen parents need a hug and a high four….in the head…..with a strong chair!

    Her mom manages the $$ and nods to everything marketing, PR and other artist relation savages want.
    Isnt that what pimps do ?
    NYC child protection services should be called to check on the younger siblings enough with this sick bullshit

  • Rosarch

    This bitch needs to eat and stop pretending she is so edgy. She is not.