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Mila Kunis is a Dumpy Sexy Girl Alive of the Day

Mila Kunis was rated the Sexiest girl alive in some bullshit, nonsense, ranking system invented by whatever magazine it was who decided she was the sexiest woman alive.

All media is a lie it is all make belief motherfuckers, there is no rhyme or reason to their lists….and this girl just has a good PR Team, Management Team and Agent…

The only flaw in their strategy is the whole Ashton Kutcher love affair, because it annoys the general public, but that’s just because he annoys the general public, and we were happier when he was locked into an evil, 50 year old, disgusting coke head with emotional issues than some young starlet he’s known forever…it was a better love story/ prison sentence, fate worse than death…..


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  • ExpletiveBMP

    please some one feed this child, look at her for a moment and try and have a hard on. She’s fucking nasty. disgusting looking scrawny waste. fucking nastiness. give this girl two whole chickens, at least.

  • ExpletiveBMP

    Fuck the media, fuck fame fuck holiywood fuck television fuck the internet, if these fucking forms of fuckery are used to tell girls that unless they look like scrawny fucking ethiopians then they’re not hot is fucking evil and so needs to die. i hate this bloated intrusive media ideology even more than i fucking heat glee. even more than i hate scrawny bitches. fucking evil fucking media. first you had oprah who made it seem that being chunky was vibe, now you have ellen looking as gross as this poor child above. even star jones dropped a few to fit in. fuck this world and it’s prevue and fuck how they seek to make us all in the image of what’s hot and what’s not. fuck all of it.

  • cowbulls

    Mila Kunis is certainly fuckable but there have to be 50 hotter women out there. Heck, Iā€™d rather have over 40 years old Cindy Crawford or Denise Richards than her.