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Vanessa and Stella Hudgens Posing in Matching Outfits of the Day

Sisters dressed the same like they were 5 may be appealing to some of you…but reminds me of little kids playing in the park at a birthday party….meaning it isn’t sexy…unless you factor in that they aren’t little kids…at least one of them isn’t a little kid…and the one who isn’t a little kid is trying to train and whore out the one who is a little kid….so that the one who isn’t a little kid is not the disgrace of the family for leaking nude pics to advance her career….but the one who is a little kid is for whatever whore moves she pulls to stand out from her family’s expectations…and the whole thing is confusing….unless you understand the dynamic of older whore sisters training younger sisters to be bigger whores than they are…you know cuz they paved the way for them….cuz I am pretty sure that’s what is going on here and the parents don’t care….cuz they are getting paid…..

If this post made no sense…I just want you to know it makes perfect sense to me.

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  • Rosarch

    Vanessa is nice, but Stella is super smoking hot. Mmm Mmm good.