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Alessandra Ambrosio’s in the Expensive Bra of the Day

I find this 100,000,000 dollar bra the dumbest of marketing campaigns….but that is just because a bra worth millions of dollars is totally not practical…but more importantly…it tells all the middle class and lower income people who shop the Victoria’s Secret catalog that their husbands are fucking deadbeat losers and that they will never live the good life of the people who run the brand…or the overpaid models who are the face of the brand….like shit is some big reveal at their fashion show they are filming next week…and like shit is some honor to be named the bitch who wears it…when they whole thing just mocks all the idiots who are either impressed by this…or affected by this…or who go buy Victoria’s Secret cuz it is associated with this….bullshit…

But I wouldn’t mind stealing this shit of this Alessandra Ambrosio…with my mouth..only to sell it at the local pawn shop for enough money to get a rub and tug from the boner having her breasts in my mouth gave me…cuz I am also an idiot….who gets sucked into the fantasy of 2.5 million dollar bras and the models chosen to wear them.

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  • My $5,000 diamond bra was way hotter than this. Fuck VS, they want millions for stuff that looks like other stuff that goes for $15 at a boutique.