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Renee Olstead Cleavage for Twitter of the Day

Renee Olstead is a pudgy little thing who has been in the acting game for a while, even though she’s only 23….but still long enough to know that no one liked her when she was fat…so she sorted that shit out…and is now is looking good enough for cleavage pics for twitter…even though I PREFERRED HER SELF SHOT NUDES ……she leaked to get noticed….perverts everywhere did notice…cuz I see her name pop up all over the place…despite her average looks..and I guess she can thank her tits for that….and I guess the THE SECRET LIFE OF AN AMERICAN TEENAGER can thank her tits too…cuz they are probably why 90 percent of perverts tune into such a miserable fucking show…not that it is really that miserable…I am only saying that cuz THEY GAVE ME A SHOUT OUT ON IT …and that must make them pretty fucking low grade….:)

Either way, here are her twitpics…not quite exciting…but a good excuse to plug her NUDES …cuz she’s good at taken pics of herself….

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  • Rosarch

    Shut your whore mouth, she is a certified mega banger. One of the hottest women out there.