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Joanna Krupa Hilarious Half Naked Posing of the Day

Is this for real?

Joanna Krupa is “a model” by trade…and she posted these pics of her posing on set of some bullshit you know isn’t a big deal….and I am loving it…cuz she’s posing in a way that looks like she’s mocking modeling…you know like how three drunk girls at a bachelorette party would pose for the camera….or how you’d expect them to make fun of models on shitty shows like SNL….but I think she’s being serious and I guess that’s part of the reason why she’s never really made it…but has somehow managed to work the reality TV circuit…all because she was in Maxim a few times in 2000….back in the last end of the world crisis….that paved the way to be the hot girl on Dancing with the Stars for the husbands to stomach bein forced to watch that shit in the one TV trailer park households I assume watch that show….cuz if everyone on the shit was Mario Lopez and Kathy Griffin…spousal abuse would surely go down…but throw in some hot enough pussy…and all of a sudden it all becomes ok….

Either way here she is in some pics she felt were good enough for you to see…so she obviously likes them….even if they are clowny as fuck.

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