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More Miranda Kerr for Esquire of the Day

I already posted these pics of Miranda Kerr in Esquire…because I am the unofficial most relevant site when it comes to models, celebrities and sluts, on the internet…according to me and my 2 readers, one of which is a virgin in India and the other is some pervert applying lipstick who wants me dead….

But in being the most relevant site for this kind of thing on the internet that no one cares about….I am forced to update you with more Miranda Kerr ass in sheer nighties….

Cuz that shit wasn’t in the first round…but I am pretty glad it happened….and here it is.

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  • I don’t like to offend Orlando Bloom’s relationship marriage but as celebrity traffic within an international population of 9 billion to 10 billion people on the planet it’s impossible to keep marriages together from separating a split. During the time of our parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great, great grandparents, marriages were more prone to stay married with faithful, dignity and honesty for a long life hundred year old marriage if you live that long because there were no distractions to divert marriages apart. Today there are more party social events, extra world wide travel for transport and ever more increasing happenings everywhere which lures marriages apart. Married relationships only last for no longer than about ten years particularly for celebrities which celebrity marriages do not last as long as (non) celebrities. Orlando Bloom could not resist to post the sex tapes of his wife Miranda and himself having intercourse feeling so proud of himself wearing his pride on his sleeve or trying to announce publicly on the international global public media, (“hey I fucked a beautiful super model. Miranda Kerr is my wife”.) Childishly a public stunt like that has made Miranda angry as if a fantastic super has gone to his head to much. This has made a slave out of Miranda’s marriage to Orlando Bloom with nosy Paparazzi reporters as spies to capture more sexual, racy and raunchy images both moving and still where-ever she goes in public. Miranda would not be thankful, pleased or impressed for Orlando to embarrass his wife, their marriage.