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Gisele Pregnant Bikini Pics of the Day

Gisele is pregnant with Tom Brady’s baby…or at least what I assume is Tom Brady’s baby since they are married….but at the same time I learned never to assume shit….because assuming throws out my conspiracy theory that this is movie magic make-up and that she’s just a tranny with a dick…that Tom Brady has his way with on the regular….via her asshole…cuz it reminds him of Football initiation games he grew up with…it’s all about team building…it’s not gay if it builds morale…

Even if she isn’t a dude…pre-op…she’s still a pregnant girl in a bikini which as far as I’m concerned is equally unnatural.

Here she is trying to draw attention to herself during Victoria’s Secret fashion week now that she is not part of that….

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  • Travis

    Pregnancy is disgusting.

  • Julie

    That is really grotesque, I’m sorry. It reminds me of ‘Alien.’ like a tick full of blood.

  • Jane

    Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and anyone who thinks otherwise should really look at what’s wrong with themselves to think that. A woman’s body is an amazing and beautiful thing to witness and change over time as her body is growing a baby. Embarrassed or disgusted?Really? What is wrong with our society? That’s right, we still think women are sub par and don’t deserve to be treated equally yet…that only happens in Europe…

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