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Jenna Pietersen Modeling Lingerie of the Day

Jenna Pietersen is apparently some SI model from South Africa….who is not very famous, we’re talking under 3,000 twitter followers, who I may or may not love looking at in lingerie…who I may or may not have emailed asking her to be my girlfriend…without putting any strategy into my seduction process…cuz she’ll likely just think it’s some Nigerian scam or spam and delete my tender, loving, romantic words…..while I could have charmed her like I charm all the other models I have sex with in my life….but her rejection is ok…I can take it…and I deserve it for not playing the situation right….but I think I come out a winenr…cuz I don’t have to take her on a date to see her in lingerie…..she gives that to everyone for free….My kind of girl…which is pretty much why I want to sing her love songs til the end of fucking time….

She’s a Blogger…So If Masturbating to Her Pics Isn’t Enough for you Desensitized Perverts…You can also Masturbate to Her Writing…While I Don’t Masturbate to Her Cuz I Respect her as my Soul Mate

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