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Kristy Kaurova Hot Winter Photoshoot of the Day

It’s cold as fuck here – so I figure why not post some aspirational pictures of an erotic pantsless winter….

I know more dreadful catalog type pics of skinny models you’ve never heard of like Kristy Kaurova from Russia…who is making moves by photographing well…you know escaping a life of gymnastics and/or mail order bride and/or rationed bread and/or weight lifter and/or beating the Americans into Space and/or who the fuck cares about Russia…this is globalization motherfuckers…we are all God’s people…of the same species and our difference don’t change are anatomy…and our anatomy…at least this Kristy Kaurova model’s anatomy makes me want to rub my flacid anatomy against her inner thigh….I’m romantic like that….but more importantly….I’m into world peace like that….

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