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Cindy Crawford Bikini Pic from Mexico of the Day

Cindy Crawford is and old thing in a new package and as much as I generally hate old things in any package…except maybe a snow suit…I am kinda into this Cindy Crawford old thing…cuz models just age better than regular humans cuz models are vain, image obsessed and scared the world will judge them when they fall off like they were Anna Nicole Smith…cuz there is nothing the catty, haters want to see more than someone so celebrated for being a babe…no longer a babe….and by the looks of it…Cindy Crawford is winning this fight….and I’m not just saying that cuz we had a moment and exchanged glances once and she smiled at me….as our souls connected a couple of years ago…I’m saying that cuz she’s good.

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  • She claims she stays this amazing by a serum from some weirdo french melons. And after saying that all I want to do is french her melons.

  • cowbulls

    Best woman of all time