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Sophie Howard’s Retirement Photoshoot of the Day

My girl MadamMeow notified me of this crisis…tragedy….end of the fucking world situation….Sophie Howard has retired from being a Glamour Model…because like every stripper who feels objectified and that they’ve peaked creatively in their field…she’s decided to ride her undeserved money into the sunset until realizing that it was way easier just showing her tits…coming back to that is inevitable..unless of course she marries a rich “Footballer” like the rest of the UK sluts….

Apparently these were shot a year ago….published this month…an end of an era to anyone who knows who Sophie Howard is…and doesn’t realize that google will bring up titties past…that are probably better versions of her….reminding me to thank her for giving up instead of holding on…long after it is too late….

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  • <3

    Retired at the tender age of 28.

    I was going to go on a tangent that she'll be back in the form of a hardcore porn star, but then I realized that these glamour models most likely are only glamour models instead of porn stars because they have STD's.

    It makes perfect sense. They don't show their pussies or use them in type of meaningful way. It's not because they think they are above showing their cunts, they are already showing their tits, it's because the porn companies turned them down because said cunts are rotting away.

    I am a logical genius in my own right. Let's count down until the London Tit Pushers come on their re-modified for 2013 Mayflower that they stole from the Pilgrims themselves to pop a cap in my head for letting this cat out of the bag.