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Lindsay Lohan’s Panty Wetspot of the Day

All this Lindsay Lohan getting arrested, getting in fights, causing trouble…cuz she’s a broken, spoiled rich kid, who had her youth robbed of her, as her parents prostituted her and sold her out for the benefit of their own egos and bank accounts, leaving her a pile of lost and souless freckled good times…

Then there’s the whole Liz & Dick, double chin thanks to plastic surgery, botox and fake lips….reviews where the world hated her performance…while she thought it was her big comeback…thanks to people giving her too much positive reinforcement instead of just telling her to retire…

When what really matters is the wet spot on her fucking panties….

Seriously people…get your priorities straight..

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  • wonder does it smells like coke or rum?

  • Lindsay’s wet spot

    Why the fuck is that wet spot brown? What kind of cock dissolving, 3rd world infection does she have???

  • al bundy

    when is this train wreck either going to get the help she needs or go to jail as she deserves,as any one in the real world would have long ago for the things she has done……….or

  • Stonegoddess

    That’s from not wearing a pad and her toxic cooch juice stained her panties that she probably hasn’t changed in days. Disgusting herpes whore.

  • Peter

    Hold on a minute with these comments. Let’s first start with the question of what right does anyone have to film up someone’s skirt or dress ? This is called invasion of privacy and not only is it rude but it is also illegal as well .