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Hayden Panettiere in a Bra for in Nashville of the Day

Hello Breast Implants…well I guess when you get new tits to launch your new gig on TV after falling off and disappearing…waiting for the child sex scandal rumors to blow over…while blowing…men over 6 foot 6…because that’s just what midget bitches do to over compensate…it’s like overly skinny dudes with fat chicks, for white girls with black dudes, the whole opposite make for good times when getting fucked from behind…especially if the child sex ring is true…cuz child sex would probably leave her with a pretty big gap to fill…in her panties…you might as well show them…

I am not that into grabbing fake tits, but I like looking at them, even when they suck, cuz big tits speak to me at an emotional level, especially when they balance out the broad shoulders on an otherwise broad girl…

Here she is in a bra in Nashville.

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  • shitdick

    whats up with the fucking dent in her tits?