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Bar Refaeli Tweets Hot Ass Shot in Bikini of the Day

I guess Bar Refaeli is feeling a little attention starved…you know because this Draft Dodger who never joined IDF or whatever the Israeli army is called….was too busy modeling to do her mandatory service…while every other 18 year old Israeli was…so when shit was hit last week…she felt helpless and alone cuz she she couldn’t relate to all her friends who were getting ready to take out the muslims and steal their land more than they already have…

So she did what every peace loving “look at me I’m half naked” hippie would do…and that is post a photoshopped pic of her big ass on the internet…

Maybe that way when people think Israel…they will think Bar Refaeli like they used to….you know to try to get people to focus back on her the only way she knows how….unless it has nothing to do with war and she’s just a hooker who likes being half naked for her fans…either way…it happened and I have the pic to prove it.

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  • cowbulls

    Leo is a moron for letting this sexual Goddess get away from him. Bar is one of the hottest of the new wave of really sexy women with real woman bodies. She actually has an ass and a fine one at that. Bar’s curves were meant for sexual enjoyment.

  • Yup Yup

    That is a perfect tush. Yum.

  • sirlovealot

    This text is golden.
    And why should Leo worry? He did have her, in probably every way you can think of. And if she’s a draft-dodging bore then why hang onto her?