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Bar Refaeli’s Jewish Christmas Erotica to Promote Product of the Day

Nothing says Christmas like a Jewish girl….especially when that Jewish girl is opportunist Bar Refaeli…trying to peddle product and make fucking money doing this half naked Christmas thing…you know shitting on Jesus….with her tits…the way I like Jesus to be shit on…cuz tits are the real lord and savior….

I mean there’s nothing new in this…most Christmas Carols you sing are Jewish written, most Christmas movies are Jewish made, most Christmas shopping is in Jewish stores for Jewish brands…they know Christmas better than we do……but seeing Bar Refaeli all comfy in a bra and jammies…is better than any White Christmas lyric…I approve and I am a CHRISTMAS EXPERT

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  • cowbulls

    Bar is one of the hottest of the new wave of really sexy women with real woman bodies. She actually has an ass and a fine one at that. Bar’s curves were meant for sexual enjoyment.