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Stella Hudgens is Flexible of the Day

Stella Hudgens is the teen sister of Vanessa Hudgen…who you may remember as the hairy 18 year old who took nude pictures of herself….and leaked those nude pics only to say they were taken when she was 17 so that anyone with a severe fear of getting arrested for child pornography would take them down…even though I think a bush like that takes at least 18 years to grow out…and even though the real crime in child pornography is the production of it…leading me to think she should be the one who gets arrested…not that it matters..because what matters is that her younger sister is taking her lead, and like most younger sisters who are less famous and jealous, is stepping up her game…she’s alredy out practicing next level stripper routines, and posting the shit as a preview of what’s to come….and by the looks of it…her flexibility…may cuz some relatively criminal fantasies in some of you….while I’ll just wait til she’s 20 and really delivering the erotica….because I’m patient like that…and figure there’s so much other nudity out there…we’ll just let this one blossom…and there’s nothing wrong with checkin’ in on it while it does…

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