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Glamour Models in Pabo La Magie 2013 Calendar of the Day

Holly Peers, Nicole Neal, Staci Noblett and a bunch of other Glamour Models are showing off their tits, because that’s kinda what they do….

When you have tits like this…and no other real marketable skill because when you first realized you had tits like this…you also realized that you didn’t need waste your time trying to find a career….as good things always come to those built like this…especially when those built like this don’t mind exploiting being built like this…and as someone who isn’t paying them to show off their tits…not even a strip club cover charge…but instead getting the pics for free, on someone elses dime…I can’t really complain….cuz free tit pics, whether high production with professional strippers for a calendar or just a gift emailed to me…are always lovely….

So here is some Pabo La Magie, whatever that is, 1920s Circus inspired calendar, because the only people who use Calendars were likely born and raised in the 1920s, and this reminds their stroked out minds of their youth…

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