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Lea Michele Doesn’t Look Like Lea Michele in Marie Claire of the Day

Lea Michele has proven in January’s Marie Claire magazine…that with the right hair person, make-up person, photographer, and digital re-toucher….she can be made to look like someone who isn’t her…you know soften out those tranny features she’s tried to correct with surgery…cuz she doesn’t like being the ugly leading lady on a show about freaks who can sing…that she doesn’t realize was cast to showcase how the Glee club is for fucking losers…while the hot chicks are busy sucking off the football team and/or not being on the fucking Glee club….because all the hype and attention they got around the show…kinda distracted from the simple fact that her mangled up face was in fact meant to be the ugly leading lady….so the demographic of losers buy into the shit….but Marie Claire, with her vagina hugging ONSIE, have pulled through, and made her into something I would probably fuck, not that I wouldn’t have fucked her before, but I wouldn’t like to admit that I would have….like I don’t like admitting I’d fuck trannies if I was drunk enough and their tits were big enough….

Point being…she looks kinda good and all you weirdos who were into her before, can send these around to all your friend who laughed at you for admitting were into her….redemption.

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  • cowbulls

    I don’t like her.

  • mick

    nice pouch