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Cindy Crawford Still Gives Me Boners of the Day

Madison Magazine has reminded me what I used to masturbate to Cindy Crawford in the 90s….cuz I’d masturbate to her now….if my penis was able to perform such tasks…but hard living and a disgusting wife has made us our very own circus performer…one that can’t perform tricks…unless being impotent is a trick…but I feel like if I really focus and forget all the smut I’ve digested over the years leading to someone who can’t really get into anything….Cindy Crawford may be the one to save me….yep…she’s fully clothed and I felt something move….you see cuz that’s her fucking super power…

I’m into it, even if I generally like more exposed Uterus in my retired model pics.

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  • mick

    still so fuckable

  • cowbulls

    If I had one wish, Cindy would be my sex toy.