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Pink’s Disturbing Instagram Pic of the Day

Pink decided to totally throw out any decency or respect for her millions of followers…by posting a frightening picture of her in her underwear to instagram…in what I like to think is caused by over-confidence from positive affirmations from the people around her….you know cuz most mom’s have lower testosterone than this dude, and their liking of cake coupled with a battered body, leads to not bothering bouncing back, while PINK, a name you think she’d drop cuz it’s a fucking joke and she’s in her 30s, not 12, is all delusional in a “I work out, look at my muscles”….and the whole thing…is pretty disgusting….but I bet your tranny ass likes it.

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  • Pink: Manly+Mom Gut=UGH!!!

    Love the site, Jesus!

  • Rosarch

    This is a fucking dude.