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Staci Ann is a New Glamour Model You’ll Like of the Day

Staci Ann has pretty much no social media presence, no Wikipedia page, not even a ModelMayhem account, so I think it’s safe to say she’s as fresh as a busty girl willing to get naked is, you know cuz showing up to these auditions isn’t just some random “maybe I’ll pose naked today”…it’s more a long the lines of, I fuck for free, everyone loves my tits when I pull them out at parties, I hate working, I can’t be a stripper cuz Mumzy will be ashamed, but I can be an international Glamour model, cuz that comes with a certain level of celebrity, credibility, and makes my whoring out seem like an actual career…..and after looking at the pics…I’m pretty glad that happened. Staci Ann may be the future…I’ve already written my vows to her.

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