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Emma Roberts in her Panties for Instagram of the Day

Emma Roberts posted this picture of her in her panties to instagram…the she removed it…because I guess she didn’t realize there was a wet spot on her panties…or maybe it was a shit stain…or maybe she didn’t realize that her fan base is 9 year old girls who all started to copycat the shit….making exhibitonist sluts all because her dad was too busy doing drugs to hug her growing up…you know forgetting that she’s not the hipster icon she thinks she is…or wants to be…but luckily her staff and handlers did damage control after some pervert saved the pic…cuz I’ll look at everyone and anyone in panties…it’s kinda something I like doing…you know…being a pervert and all.

Either way…yellow…safe choice…here’s the pic.

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  • Rosarch

    So who is taking the photo since her phone is in her hand, James Franco?


  • dan


  • Vanessa

    \ Whore? She’s filming a new movie,people is so dumb