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Kitty Lea 2013 Calendar of the Day

Kitty Lea is a Glamour Model….and these are the pics from her 2013 Calendar that reminds us who the Glamour Model demographic is actually designed for….mechanics and blue collar workers who grace the strip clubs…the kind of guy who doesn’t use a smart phone or computers…but who has that basic instinct of “look at them there tits, they are big, my toothless fat wife doesn’t look like this naked”….

It is the simple minded people who inspired those trashy babe posters you saw in every garage back in the 90s, the “rear admiral” pics of ass style shit they sold at the record store….you know what I’m saying….and that is that Calendars are a shitty fucking gift, they are useless, and most importantly….they showcase tits….making them perfect for me…because I am a simple minded unemployed blue collar piece of trash who likes looking at tits that aren’t my wife’s….and I assume you are too.

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