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Suzy Favor Hamilton Olympic Trackstar Turned Escort of the Day

I guess it is safe to say that Olympic track and field is not properly funded, or that we’ve hit a recession, or that this Suzy Favor Hamilton chick is horny as fuck and likes getting paid for sex….because in amazing NEWS – a story hit yesterday that she was a 600 dollar an hour Las Vegas Escort….and I guess what it comes down to is that a hooker needs to know how to run, so her ripped body came prepared…made some bank…and now got busted for her sick fucking married chick perversions….

She is a three-time Olympic star and she turned to fucking for 600 dollars an hour….that’s amazing…I love all girls who prostitute themeselves…bvecause I guess we’re all fucking hookers….cuz here she is doing a different kind of prostituting herself back before she escorted for Nike…cuz Nike endorses Escorts….who can run….

Who cares, I guess she does, but I don’t….but I do think she looks hot in her escort agency promo pics….

A lot better than her track and field pics – cuz let’s face it – track girls generally aren’t hot..or the athletes getting the male attention…

It’s a great Christmas story of love, family, and goodwill towards men….

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