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Stephanie Seymour in a Bikini of the Day

Stephanie Seymour knew this day was coming and I am going to say she even got new implants to celebrate…it’s Christmas in St Barts…this time comes around every year for her…and the local paparazzi….as they jump on board and snap off pics of her…whether it is giving her son a boner a few years ago…or showcasing how much her model, rockstar fucking, Guns N Roses split up causing body, has failed her….

But this year…this year is different…cuz she’s realized people still care…and are looking and that even thought it may not be the 90s anymore…she can still starve herself….but more importantly….she can still get stupid beach ball like implants like it was…and I approve because beach balls make the beach more fun….

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  • cowbulls

    I figure that she has spent over 26 years legally giving some of the best sex anywhere. Considering she is a model, there’s no telling how many more years of great sex before she was 18.