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Olivia Black Fired from Pawn Stars for these Nudes of the Day

I watch Pawn Stars, don’t remember this Olivia Black girl, I guess she’s in the new season and it turned out she got fired, and not for being morbidly obese, but for NUDES!!!!

The mainstream media is so uptight. They try to stay Christian, pretending that everything is wholesome, meanwhile the whole entertainment industry is based on very seedy fucking behavior, from sex and drugs and greed and money….not to mention any “clean” website or network always have a smutty underbelly, from Google’s number 1 search term being porn, to facebook’s number one purpose being finding ex flings to cheat on your wife or to wack of to people you’ve met in bikinis, to youtube weird fetish videos…that don’t have nipple so they are considered wholesome, but do have spitting in each other’s faces….all while the execs are fucking aspiring actresses, and the evangilists are fucking little boys on meth, while the whole thing is fueled by cocaine…I just wish people were more honest…

You see cuz Pawn Stars just fired this Olvia Black girl for being a suicide girl, like it matters, like getting nude on the internet matters, like shit is meant to punish you and follow you for fucking life, for getting fucking NAKED>..

While Kim Kardashian fucks black dudes without condoms on the internet, and it is spun into her being a victim…

So the lesson here is, only get naked if you’re gonna take black cock without a condom, and if you have a powerful PR team in hollywood and Ryan Seacrest on your side…

Cuz nudes will get you fired while amateur porn makes you 100,000,000 a year…

Fucking assholes run this world….


Here are some of the pics….there are more out there, cuz once a Suicide Girl…always a suicide girl…..most of these girls don’t even get paid to do this….but it pays for this one to do it…cuz look at everyone talking to her and masturbating to her vagina today!!!

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  • Joe

    A&E likely put the producers and casting agents behind the 8 Ball and had her contract renewal axed. Especiall now that she’s NOT family entertainment material .
    What I don’t get is WHY would a girl disfigure herself putting all that ink shit on her body and legs?
    Is that supposed to be sexy or something? That’s what’s really sick
    I have seen little shamrocks and things on girls, strippers, whores. No big deal it looks cute, even a little man pushing a lawnmower into a green pubic patch (quite funny). Disturbing is seeing these pretty young women with lots or big tattoos on the beach during summer here on Long Island. Jeez “what a fuggan waste!” It all looks like sand, mud or birth defects stuck her legs, ankles and body. Thats like painting a pig on a 71 Corvette Stingray.
    Art my ass !!

    “Body art” = an oxymoron.
    Primordial inhabitants still living in huts in Africa think that’s good.


  • AntAttack

    I agree, Joe. The ‘Tramp Stamps’ are disgusting.

  • expletivebmp

    Olivia Black needs black dick and badly.

    not mine though, i’m saving this spongy thing for marriage or when I’m 40. I’m 36 now so either it’s marriage or two more years, and yes I know I’ll only be 38 life last, but fuck you I’m going stir fucking crazy having never fucked.

    on with the fap

  • bla

    nice post for onces drunkenstepfather.

  • Dan

    I agree , tattoos look nasty in general on anyone.
    Especially women who otherwise would be very attractive if not for the body ink .

    She is just another knob gobbler , I wouldn’t get all worked up about it.

    Pawn Stars group look the way they do because they have never done an honest days work in their lives.
    They feed off the degenerate gamblers who sell their stuff to them for peanuts to get gambling money , although much of what is brought in is set up , I doubt many of those customers have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out, they are given that stuff to walk in with in most cases to keep the show interesting.

  • James

    Those fat ,greasy.blood sucking ticks should be so lucky to have a sexy fine babe like Olivia working for them.The show’s producer seems to forget that those greedy slugs made their living off of other people’s misfortune.The tats,well I don’t see how a sexy pussycat like Olivia believes those tats(art if you will)are any where near the beauty of her and that steaming hot body.Their is no finer art then a woman’s body!Good luck to you Olivia!

  • KC

    all you fags need to go back to playing board games and having nilla wafers and juice. The girl has her own life before she works somewhere, and if you don’t like tattoo’s, don’t look at em or get any, as far as them being disgusting? go f – – k yourself. And yeah you cool guys saying she should fuck a black guy, wow there’s something new, push white chicks into the new nigger bandwagon. White chicks need to “stay white” that’s all we need is more fucking half breeds while daddy sits in jail for selling heroin or banging some other stupid white girl who wants to jump on the Kim Kardashian bandwagon, nice fucking role model sisters those poor younger duaghters have to look up to, nigger lovers living the life of never ending “drama” they will all learn the hard way.

  • I agree with KC

    KC u got a point there! And this girl looks like a dream to wake up next to!

  • Greg Miller

    Olivia is a beautiful woman with real great Tats , all you haters need to go away. I don’t believe A&E did this to this girl she was the one breathe of fresh air on the show. Olivia you’re awsome and I don’t care who says what and neither should you.

  • I love a girl with tats, not a big fan of the tramp stamp tho