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Alessandra Ambrosio is a Babe of the Day

Alessandra Ambrosio is back home, or somewhere south enough that it is summer, and she’s taken to social media to show the world that she looks awesome in a bikini or bathing suit at all fucking times…because that’s her job and like a doctor…you can’t just turn that shit off when you’re on vacation….it’s ingrained in your fucking core….and you’re so good at the shit that even when a retard takes your pic with a fucking polaroid he found in his retard basement….she looks like she’s worth the 1000 dollars an hour her agency charges….in what some may think is insane since she doesn’t even have sex at that price…but that isn’t insane cuz the fashion world needs girls like Alessandra Ambrosio to make us fucking care about their underwear….either way…she needs me to write her love songs all day and all night…but instead…I just post smut cuz someone’s gotta do it…and that someone is me.

Here are some pics of her hot friends…..to remind us that going to Brazil looks like fun…

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