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Jenny McCarthy in Shape Magazine of the Day

I got a lot of hate on twitter the other day because of JENNY McCarthy and it wasn’t even because I was making fun of autism or her ability of her pussy to make autism….

I got shit because she posted something about the horrible India rape on a bus leading to the victim dying story….and I responded saying that I would let her rape me on a bus…even if it killed me….but then again..you can’t rape the willing…and people went nuts…

Who knew the public would find the idea of Jenny McCarthy fucking on a bus disgusting….I mean sure she’s old, but her tits are only 18.

Not to mention, she stays fit…proven in this Shape Magazine feature on her….that reminds me that I’d still let her rape and kill me…even if it was to stop her from speaking…or making bad jokes and stupid faces…cuz as you know she’s the most annoying in the game….

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    How many kids did this pig kill with her looney anti-immunization tirades?

    Fuck her.

  • roscoe

    dozens at least. Her new face looks like Jim Carrey’s too.

  • cowbulls

    I think we are missing two important things here which is NOBODY should give a shit what any celebrity has to say about any issue. The second is Jenny seems to understand that her role in this world is to provide as many men as possible as many happy endings as possible. For that she gets a pass from me for being a dumbass. In addition, something about the way Jenny acts that makes me think she is a wild woman in the rack. I think she has the legs and ass to be a lot of fun. I’m not a fan of fake boobs but she has a really nice pair.