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Cindy Crawford Gives Me Boners of the Day

I wonder if I will ever get over the time Cindy Crawford and I exchanged glances, and like a scene from a movie…the world stopped for a second as the sound of angels singing filled my ears and a sparkle shined off her smile and eyes….in what was the closest thing I’ve felt to God…and I went into that union of our souls…not giving a fuck about her…I was always into the one who ended up with David Copperfield…but this babe just sucked me in…all 50 year old mom and all…

So seeing her back on the model scene…posing and looking at the camera like she’s calling my name to find her and hard cuddle her…you know shower her with love…and fill her menopause up with my seed….is glorious….here are the pics.

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  • cowbulls

    Number 1 on my all time sexual fantasy bucket list.